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Vettec Adhesive Foam Boards

Vettec Adhesive Foam Boards


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  • Rivet mesh material or Pour in Pads to the hoof side of a horseshoe and shoe the horse.
  • Peel off plastic film from the foam board and apply it over the shoe.( it has adhesive on it)
  • Let the horse stand on the foam board assemble for 5 seconds to get a really tight adhesion
  • Using your Vettec gun fill in the area between the hoof an shoe with urethane cushioning material.
  • In a minute or two the urethane material will be set and you can peel off the foam board. Steve waits a little longer just to be sure.
  • The urethane material is evenly distributed over surface of the shoe sealing out dirt, debris and water.
  • Provides the ultimate cushioning for the horse. No material ends up as a"high" point to create sole pressure.

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