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Kevlar Hoof Guard Sealant 32 oz.

Kevlar Hoof Guard Sealant 32 oz.

Livingston Tec

  • 2020


Kevlar Tuff Hoof Guard Sealant

  • Hoof Guard with Kevlar fiber strengthens and improves overall health of the hoof making it more durable and abrasive resistant and moisture resistant.
  • Hoof Guard also protects from damaging rays of the sun with UV protection which helps prevent cracks and bleached out hooves. 
  • Hoof Guard is a clear, shiny sealant.  It's not a cream or grease that will come off as soon as your horse is turned out or put back in his stall. 
  • Hoof Guard contains no acetone.  It's made with 200-proof ethanol as a drying agent and Kevlar Poly-micro fiber.  Hoof Guard coms in 16-oz. applicator bottles and 32-oz. refill bottles.

The same Kevlar™ Aramid Fiber used in bullet proof vests strengthens the hoof and helps to prevent quarter cracks and under slung heels. Application: IMPORTANT – Shake Well to get full benefit of fiber. The hoof should be free of dirt and other contaminants. Apply sealant as needed with large brush avoiding coronary band. Kevlar is a registered Dupont trademark.

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